Montrose Harbor, 2013 – Bicycle Heaven 1-2-3 Team

That was one tough race and thanks to XXX for braving the weather and putting it on for the rest of us to enjoy.  The course was much more challenging than anticipated, mostly because of the sort of downhill 180 degree turn and intense winds.  It was cold also, but as usual that only sucks during the warm up.


Ara has been en fuego this spring for the BH 1-2 team and no different on Saturday.  He covered the early moves and made one of his own, but all were reeled back in.  Pete did the same and I tacked on to a 3-man group that looked promising.  Sammy’s has been very impressive in these last two races and apparently did not see a mix of folks that appealed to them as they were the drivers in bringing most of this stuff back.


It was like a boxing match out there.  Attack after attack with hard cross winds and the field kept getting smaller and smaller, until we were left with less than 20 guys.  Pete and Ara were stuck behind a guy that pulled the plug just before Nicolai made the move and I had just been reeled in from the break and didn’t have the nerve to follow.  So it wound up as a 3-man break with the two others being from Sammy’s.


The expected happened with Nicolai torching his companions.  To everyone reading this, the missile is gone now so we can all exhale.  Stay tuned though as he’ll be ripping up the biggest races in the US shortly.  The unexpected happened as well with Pete grinding it out for about 10 laps and catching back on the now very small main group!  I was shocked when he pulled up next to me and mumbled something incoherent, it was truly a lesson in how to claw your way back on.  He and I are still not sure what he said.


We wound up with a 9th out of the deal.  We have some work to do for sure, but it’s still very early.  For now though I’ll lick my wounds, give Sammy’s some props and get ready for our first “team” race, CobbPark.

Rob Kelley

Rob Kelley

Rob is a former national team member and long-time coach. He still competes as a Category 1 road, cyclocross and mountain bike racer. Clients include professional cyclists, weekend warriors and everything in between.

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