Nicolai Brochner

Nicolai is one driven guy.  He wanted to come to the US to race this year, despite a few very good offers from good teams back in his home country of Denmark in hand, and has done nothing but keep his eye on the ball.  He lives, breathes and eats cycling to the point that his lifestyle has become an almost unfair advantage!  He takes nothing for granted, works very hard and always with purpose.

“I like it here”


We started working together prior to the 2012 season and after a 3 week stay with us it was clear that any domestic team would be better off with Nicolai on their roster.  After some frantic networking late last summer and into the fall Nicolai landed a spot (thanks to Andy Ording’s help!) with what may be the best elite developmental squad in the US.  The directors at Bissell-ABG-Giant saw Nicolai rip off his killer sprint after having bridged to a 17+ group on his own at the Indy Crit (fabulous event if you haven’t given it a go) and then seemed happy to extend an offer:  Everyone else missed out, because this 19 year old guy is going to be on the minds of a lot of people in the US bike racing scene by the end of 2013.


Fast forward to some typically awesome base and first build periods beginning in November and up to this point.  Our good friends Jim and Terri Slauson live in San Antonio Texas and were nice enough to have Nicolai stay with them and get him to some of the great pre-spring racing that Texas is known for.


First off was the Iris Stagner Memorial Stage Race in Mineral Wells, appropriately named after a women who was a tremendous cycling advocate.  It is 3 stages starting with a criterium last Saturday morning,  short time trial Saturday night and then a road race on Sunday.  Nicolai wound up is a select group of 6 toward the end of the crit and unleashed on a 10% grade and 50 meter hill on the last lap to finish alone with the win.  The TT was not so good.  A flat tire took him out of it and seemed to kill any chance at the GC.  So the idea was to rip off another win in the road race and go home with two stages in his first racing of the year.


7 guys got away 6 miles into the road race and Nicolai made the cut.  They were about 2 minutes up the road and comfortable, so Nicolai decided to go for the primes.  He wound up winning all of them, which is a pretty cool thing to be able to do.  The winner of the TT then attacked on the last climb headed toward the finish.  Knowing that the guy had some good TT legs Nicolai went with him and torched the sprint for anther win.  Nice thing was that 2 other guys tied with him in points for the overall and, given Nicolai’s win on the last stage, he won the overall too!  Great start to what should be a very exciting season.  Road Race finish!: IMG_0217


We are proud to call Nicolai a Training Bible athlete.


Rob Kelley


Rob Kelley

Rob Kelley

Rob is a former national team member and long-time coach. He still competes as a Category 1 road, cyclocross and mountain bike racer. Clients include professional cyclists, weekend warriors and everything in between.

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