Nicolai Brøchner is a pretty rare type of guy.  His take on things is always very thoughtful and consistent and he comes to any situation ready to roll.  From the onset we’ve been excited to work with him, but lately his results on the bike have been exceeding the goals we discussed at the beginning of the season. 

That's Nicolai on the left

After starting out the year with results that set him squarely as the #2 ranked bike racer in Denmark’s points system he’s only gotten better.  Numbers are one thing, and his are very impressive, but Nicolai’s strength is his mind.  He approaches every day with a clear to do list and just gets it done.

There have been a lot of good results this year.  The races he is doing are with good professional and amateur teams and we’ve become used to hearing about his top 10 results within fields of over 150 starters.  Last weekend though – May 26th though May 28th – was off the hook!

The best cyclists that Denmark has to offer participated in a 3 day, 3 stage race called Samlet stillinger i Pinse Cuppen 2012.  Saturday and Sunday were flat stages and so pretty good for a solid sprinter like Nicolai.  Monday was brutal with multiple laps up some tough climbs, including a 1 kilometer ascent of 11% average grade.  Given the competition and course it would be a tall order for Nicolai to hang in for a meaningful result.  These are in his often understated words:

Saturday: “Today was a really weird day for me. I started off felling pretty bad, but pretty soon after the start I started felling better. But then it changed again and I felt pretty bad, but towards the end I began to feel better again. I was so angry right after I crossed the finish line because I came in as number 3 in the field sprint, but a group of 7 guys came in about 5 seconds before and so I was 10th. But all in all it was a pretty good first stage for me in this really strong field.”

Sunday: ” I had a great race today! The race ended up in a mass sprint, where I was 4th after the 3 fastest guys in Denmark. It was a pretty close, but the other guys just had a bit more power compared to me. My teammates did a great job at protecting me from the wind, and it is clear that they are beginning to have a lot more faith in my sprinting abilities! I think I’m at 5th place overall after today, but tomorrow’s stage is really tough, and we have some strong guys on my time on a course like that, so we’ll see how it goes.”

Monday: “Another great race! I came in on 6th place after some really strong guys, but the most important factor was that I moved up to 3rd place overall so I ended on the podium in what is probably the second largest stage race in Denmark and beat a lot of the pros!”

Monday in particular was very impressive.  21 guys were off the front of the race pretty early in the day.  Nicolai and Daniel Holm Foder, winner of the 2011 Post Cup, bridged what seemed like an interminable gap of 30 seconds over a 10 kilometer span to join them.  Since the leader was back in the field that front group was exceptionally difficult to catch and then drilled it to the end.  Two teammates on his Team Designa Køkken worked hard to reel in a couple of attackers from the front group only to have two more separate themselves at the end.  Nicolai came in 4th from the field to secure his 3rd place podium spot in the overall GC as well as 6th place for the day.

The big objective for the first half of the year is yet to come.  June 10th is the U23 championship in Denmark and, based on these latest results, the stars are aligning well for Nicolai to bring it all together for this race.  It’s surprising that he is a U23 rider given his results this year and crazy that Nicolai is a first year U23 rider and still only 18 years old!  Doors are now opening for Nicolai and great things are in his future.

We are proud to call Nicolai Brøchner a Training Bible athlete.

Rob Kelley


Rob Kelley

Rob Kelley

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